Jio database hacked, all customers data leaked online

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Jio became a sensation from starting of its services and providing free data, calls to all subscribers.

Jio Database hacked customers data available online

Now Jio customers data is leaked and available online, Jio claimed it has crossed 100 million subscribers. Jio customer details leaked online database hacked

Its hard to believe, but its true. All details are available openly on a website by simply entering any Jio number.

Everyone after knowing this fact tried to check their details by entering their Jio numbers and found all their sensitive data like first and last name, alternate no., Mail id, sim activation date and time and Aadhar number too.

“Jio data leak could be biggest data breach in India.”

Soon website has been visited by many people and sometimes site went down.

Now that website is showing as suspended, may be jio have taken quick action against this magicapk website.magicapk website shows suspended


  • The website is found registered on godaddy
  • It is two months old
  • The domain information is private, it seems hackers may have put domain privacy so that no one can see domain owner details.
  • It seems the website is hosted on a free hosting provider

“Jio says customers data is highly secured and we take action against such data leakers.”(briefly modified for readers).


Jio takes it seriously as it is national cyber security issue and hackers will be punished severely.

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