WhatsApp new feature “Pinned Chat” is live now

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Whatsapp has launched the new feature “pinned chat” like pin posts in Facebook and twitter. Through this feature we can pin the favourite or frequent chats to top in whatsapp.

WhatsApp “pinned chat” feature.

No doubt, Whatsapp is an instant messaging app. It has replacedĀ the traditional text messaging in our mobile phones, letting us message instantly.

Whatsapp has recently rolled out whatsapp video call feature and status feature(photo/video status that will disappear after 24 hrs). And now it has launched the “Pinned Chats” feature.

Whatsapp pinned chat feature

Reason behind whatsapp Pinned chat feature:

The main reason for this new feature is, Every time a new message comes from a contact, newer contact is moved to top of the chats in whatsapp.

And the old chats will go down moving the latest chats to the top of our whatsapp and if we need to send message to particular contact, we have to search the contact everytime.

We may have some important contacts to message frequently or favourite chats and with the newly launched update we can pin those chats to the top and if any new message comes from any contact in whatsapp, those are pushed down the pinned chats.

How to Pin a chat in whatsapp?

  1. Go to the Playstore in android and update the whatsapp messenger app(latest versionĀ 2.17.190).
  2. After update open the whatsapp and search for the contact needed to Pin.
  3. Long press on the chat and on the top screen a pin symbol appears.whatsapp pin
  4. Click on the pin symbol to pin the chat.
  5. A pin symbol appears on right side of the contact.whatsapp pinned chat
  6. Maximum we can pin only 3 chats.
  7. We can also pin the Groups chats.


Whatsapp has put the maximum limit on number of chats to pin is only 3. The reason might be screen size of smartphones.

In small screen mobiles like 4.5 inch when we open whatsapp, we can see up to 5 chats. For suppose if whatsapp has increased the maximum pinned chats to more than 3, all the pinned chats are on top pushing down the newly arrived messages from other contacts.

This feature is definitely a good one by whatsapp as everyone will have favourite, important or frequent chats of their choice for easy messaging without actually searching for it.

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