How to take Screenshots in latest android mobiles – An Ultimate guide

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Taking screenshots in latest android mobiles is easy now. In earlier the process of capturing the screenshots is a difficult process which needs rooting of the device. With the latest technology nothing is difficult.

Screenshots in latest smartphones can be taken with touch and click of the buttons. This ultimate guide is prepared based on latest smartphone technologies and its available process. Each smartphone will have different option to take screenshots and those are covered below.

How to take screenshot in android latest android mobiles

Mainly there are three procedures to take screenshot.

  1. Hard key buttons
  2. One tap Screenshot Options
  3. Screenshot apps

Various ways to take screenshots in smartphones:

Front Step: Open the screen to capture and follow the below process.

1. By using hard key buttons:

  • Find the volume down key and power key of the smartphone.
  • Long press both the keys at once. A picture flashes with a shutter or beep sound on the screen.
  • A notification shows as “Screenshot captured.
  • Screenshot successfully saves in screenshot folder in gallery.

Caution: If you press power button too early, power option displays. If you press volume down button, volume controls are displayed. So make sure both pressed at once to have a perfect shot.

Screenshot in Samsung mobiles:samsung home button for screenshot

In samsung mobiles the volume down key and home button(clickable button) need to be pressed at once for screenshot.


2. One tap Screenshot options:

In some mobiles, we have to open the screen to take screenshot and

  • Draw the Pull down menu from top and tap the screenshot option or
  • Long press the power key and tap on screenshot/screen capture option.

Pull down menu screenshot

3. Screenshot apps:

There are many screenshot apps are available in playstore.I would suggest to only use screenshot apps if:

  • It is difficult to press the power and volume control keys at once
  • If you could not find one click screenshot option
  • If you need to manage all screenshots at one place.

I will discuss about screenshot apps later in separate article.

Hope you liked the article. If a you have any questions or problem in taking screenshots please let me know by commenting below. If you like the article please share with your friends & family.

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