Fix storage space running out in android mobiles – Tips to free up storage

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One of my friend experienced an issue with his android mobile showing a notification ” Storage space running out and some system functions may not work.” His android mobile is very slow due to this. Don’t worry, it is common in most of the latest and all android mobiles due to insufficient memory.
fix storage space running out in androidLet’s see how we can fix storage space running out issue and what to do to keep your phone safe from not enough memory and insufficient storage issues.

Causes of insufficient Storage issues in android mobiles:

All the android mobile comes with some internal storage called ROM (Read Only Memory). All latest mobiles in the market now comes with 8GB to 64 GB of internal mobiles internal memory

Some part of this internal memory is used by Pre-installed apps on our mobile when we first purchase it. With the remaining memory available, we can store pictures, videos, music, files and apps that we install from play store.

Some part of this internal memory should be kept free for smooth working of android mobile. If not a notification appears ” Storage space running out” and due to this mobile runs a bit slow and even leads to space running out

Tips to free up the internal storage of android mobile:

  1. Use memory cards (also called SD cards) to get rid of storage issues. Memory cards are available in market of various capacities.memory cards in different sizes
  2.  Move your photos, videos or any files to SD card.SD card - external storage
  3. Clear cache regularly. It doesn’t delete any files as it is temporary memory. Go to settings > Storage > Internal Memory > Cached data > Clear Cache.clear cached data
  4. Change the default storage of camera and video recordings to SD storage to SD card
  5. Uninstall the rarely or unused apps. In case of pre-installed apps you will be having the option of disabling the app. So disable them.disable pre-installed apps
  6. Use memory cleaning apps like 360 security to check the usage stats and free up your android memory.


Hope you like the article. Do let me by commenting below, if you face any issues in storage or does this solve the problem or what are the ways you follow to clean your android mobile.

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